Maha Mulla Hussain

Founding Partner

BSc Chemical Engineering, University of California, Santa Barbara

Joining Petrochemical Industries Company (PIC) in 1976, Maha rose through a series of senior management positions to become in 2001 deputy chairman and deputy managing director of planning and joint ventures, and was subsequently appointed chairman and managing director in 2007.

She led the PIC team in setting up the K-Dow project, a $15 billion joint venture between PIC and Dow Chemical in the US, as well as five further mega projects with Dow Chemical and the successful initial public offering of Qurain Petrochemical Industries Company. Maha was a board member of Kuwait Oil Company, PIC affiliated companies, the Gulf Petrochemical and Chemical Association, and the College of Science at Kuwait University.

Sami Al-Rushaid

Founding Partner

BSc Industrial Engineering, University of Miami

Graduating in 1978, Sami has extensive upstream and downstream experience. He was formerly the chairman and managing director of Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), and of Kuwait National Petroleum Company.

He led KOC in developing the Jurassic Gas and Heavy Oil major strategic projects. Under his leadership, KOC increased its crude oil capacity from 2.6 mmb/d to 3 mmb/d. In the downstream sector, he spearheaded the KNPC team in planning and developing the Clean Fuel (CFP) and Al-Zour refinery mega projects. Sami was a board member of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and PIC, and member of the Kuwait Society of Engineers. He was on the external advisory board for Kuwait University’s College of Engineering and a council member of the College of Graduate Studies.

Hussain Esmaiel

Founding Partner

BSc Chemical Engineering, University of Wisconsin

After graduating in 1977, Hussain joined the refinery sector of Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) which later was transferred to Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC). Following senior management positions in refineries in Kuwait, he was appointed chairman and managing director of Kuwait Petroleum International (KPI) in 2007.

Hussain led the KPI team in planning and implementing the $9 billion Vietnam Refinery & Petrochemical Project (NSRP), a multinational joint venture. He also led KPI’s continuing efforts to develop a refinery and petrochemical plant in China, in joint venture with SINOPEC. In the retail sector, he directed KPI’s merger of its operations in Denmark and Sweden, and the team that acquired Shell’s retail assets in Italy. He was a board member of KNPC, PIC and KPI subsidiary companies in Europe and Asia, as well as chairman of the NSRP Members’ Council.