Strategy development

The partners at GEMS Advisory have extensive experience in leading the development of long term strategic plans across the oil sector value chain, ranging from exploration to downstream activities and petrochemicals.

We work in partnership with top management and your consultants to support you in planning and implementing corporate strategies. We also provide advice on support services including Human Resources, communication, restructuring and change management.

We will help translate these strategies into action plans, led from the top, with clear accountabilities and programs in place to achieve the strategic objectives.

Performance enhancement

Our long experience of driving performance enhancement in the Kuwait oil sector includes putting in place the plans, programs and performance measures to achieve improvement goals in finance, safety, operations, and stakeholder management. This will assist in achieving continuous improvement in business performance and shareholder value.

Business growth

Whether you want to grow your existing business, or establish a new one, GEMS Advisory can provide appropriate and effective advice to help you achieve your objectives.

Joint ventures/mergers and acquisitions

Our partners have successfully led the creation of major joint ventures in Kuwait and internationally through grassroot projects or acquisitions. We can lever this knowledge to help you secure maximum value from your partnerships, both for short-term gain and longer term competitive advantage.

Agency appointments

Drawing on our in-depth experience, we offer advice to Kuwaiti private sector companies seeking new or additional agencies and to international companies that require representation in Kuwait for oil and gas industries and services.

Developing and executing projects

The partners at GEMS advisory have an impressive track record in developing and implementing successful mega projects in Kuwait and internationally. You can benefit from this knowledge to plan and seamlessly execute each stage of your project, meet your objectives and achieve maximum value.

Change Management

In any company, introducing new projects and initiatives inevitably involves change. A robust change management program is essential to manage this process effectively and achieve the set objectives. GEMS Advisory has the know-how to provide you with exemplary support in managing change.